Longcase Clocks

Long-case clocks were first made for royal families and nobles, but in time their production costs were cut down and it became possible for some well-to-do households to own one and they became symbols of socio-economic status and wealth.

JP09 - John Barron, Aberdeen 1765 - 1852

JP10 - John Gelston, Belfast. 1754 - 1830

longcase clock

FH05 - Oak Longcase clock, Ca 1760

C1939 - Stinkwood Grandfather Clock

Beautifully crafted solid Stinkwood grandfather clock. It is in very good condition. The case is locally made in Knysna and it has a German “Hermle” westminster chiming mechanism which runs for 8 days on a wind.

D1221 - French hand-painted Morbier Longcase Clock

This handmade pine tallcase clock has beautifully painted floral decorations. The bombe’ shaped case has a window to see the pendulum swinging. The white convex enamel dial with raised roman numerals is set in a repousee (thin pressed brass) surround.


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