Services that I provide

I can help you find that special piece you have been searching for or find a new home for those treasures you have to part company with.

I offer a valuation service for select items.

I am also able to provide a multitude of specialized restoration and conservation services. I am however very specific, for me quality is at the top of my list.

I work on all types of antique timepieces including tower clocks, vintage watches and pocket watches, music boxes, gramophones and automata.

Apart from general overhauls or repairs, I am able to remake missing or severely worn parts in the style of the original.

In my workshops I am able to do forging, bronze casting, dial re-silvering and silk-screening, to mention but a few . Also restoration and refinishing of wooden cases, including replacing missing veneers, fret work, inlay, carvings and turnings.

All of my work is done painstakingly by hand and demands not only the use of traditional methods or ancient recipes, but a high level of discipline and concentration in becoming one with the piece. Elevating the craft to an art.

Each piece that comes in for restoration, takes me on another path of discovery of the old craft. I have an insatiable curiosity to find out what methods and disciplines those clockmakers of old used, to create these unique and fascinating mechanisms.

I endeavour to restore each piece in a way that resembles - as closely as possible - the original methods used.

Having pursued this passion for some 40 yrs. I pride myself in the fact that I am able to undertake very skilled and complicated repairs and restorations. I derive most pleasure from restoring pieces that require me to research new aspects of the craft.


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